Bay Cities Refuse Service and the Sausalito Sustainability Commission are pleased to announce the Green Waste and Recycling “How-To’s” for Residents and Businesses.

Sausalito has joined the rest of Marin County in having a food scrap recycling program included in your weekly collection service. This means green waste/compostables are now picked up on a weekly basis, same as your regular garbage and recycling service.

The green cart is to be used for your household “green waste” and compostable food scraps. See below for guidelines on what is compostable and what is garbage. We encourage you to utilize the cart weekly on your regular collection day.

The blue cart is to be used for your “commingled” recycling. All glass, aluminum, tin, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, etc. is to be placed in this cart and placed at the curb every week. No need to separate, place it all in the cart.

If you are a business owner or multi-family dwelling that would like to set up your green waste and recycling program or would like to explore how these services work best for you, please contact Bay Cities Refuse at 415-332-3646.

Be sure to keep this info handy for future reference!

What is allowed:

  • Food Scraps
  • Soiled Paper
  • Plants
  • Yard Waste

NO Pet Litter or Waste, Dirt, Rocks, Hazardous waste, Plastic bags or Construction materials.

What is allowed:

  • Clean paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Bottles & Cans

NO Wax lined boxes, Styrofoam, Plastic bags, or Compostable bags 


What is allowed:

Your trash will be greatly reduced by composting and recycling!


Light bulbs, Household batteries, Paint or Hazardous waste