Tips to reach ZERO WASTE

Minimize Waste During Stay-at-Home During this difficult time, moving toward zero waste may not be at the top of our to-do lists. The COVID-19 restrictions present multiple challenges to our usual waste reduction habits. For example, the ban on reusable bags and cups forces us to use more disposables, we may overbuy as we try to reduce trips to the store, and drop-off facilities for household hazardous waste or donation items are closed.  But it is still possible—and desirable—to waste as little as possible as we strive to stay healthy and sane.

Prevent Food Waste

These days we may be buying more at each trip to the store, so we don’t go as often. We are preparing most, if not all meals, at home. It is more important than ever to shop smart, store food correctly, understand expiration dates, and use up what we have at home before it spoils.

When we make the most of our food, we ease the pressure on the food supply system, help the environment and save money too!

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Tips to Reduce Waste at Home

Follow these simple steps to reduce waste when grocery shopping, packing a lunch, purchasing new products for your home and more!

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Less Toxic Alternatives

Reduce your use of hazardous products! Zero Waste Marin encourages everyone to use less harmful and toxic products to clean your home and office. Use baking soda as a good all-purpose cleaner and vinegar to make your windows and mirrors sparkle. Look for less toxic or non-toxic products when you shop, or create your own less toxic cleaning recipes. Be aware of “green” or “eco-friendly” packaging as it is sometimes simply a marketing ploy to promote a perception of truly environmentally friendly products.

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Does your family have unwanted computer equipment or old electronics at home? It is illegal to dispose of electronic equipment in the garbage in California, so please help us keep these items out of the landfill by selling, donating or recycling them.

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